Introducing the Tempo

Musicians sell Tempos to fans.
Fans who own Tempos can...

Get Access to private tracks

Resell Tempos to other fans

Invest in musicians

Private Tracks

The Library

Artists can upload private audio that they want to share with their core fans, unfinished tracks they want feedback on, or early previews of their latest work. When a fan buys an artist’s Tempo, that artist’s private audio is available in the fan’s library where they can listen and comment.

Resell Tempos

The Trade

Musicians sell Tempos to fans and keep 100% of the money they raise. A fan can resell Tempos if they no longer want them. Each time an artist's Tempo is traded they get paid a commission.

Invest in Musicians

The Market

The price of a Tempo changes depending on how much fans are willing to buy and sell them for. Fans may be able to sell Tempos for more than they bought them. This allows fans to “invest” in musicians who they think will grow in popularity.

Join the experiment. Enter the market.